How to Clean and Maintain Microfiber Leather: Tips and Tricks for Keeping it Looking Great


Do you know that the demand for synthetic leather is on high trend? Due to its popular and eco-friendly nature, it is often used in the fashion and upholstery industry. Owing to its popularity and high usage in different manufacturing, it is indispensable to knwo that microfiber leather needs special maintenance to keep it looking great. You will get some tips and tricks to maintain products made of microfiber leather; let’s read on to know more.

Regular Cleaning

Routine cleaning is necessary to ensure the product’s longevity; the same goes with microfiber leather which needs regular maintenance. You must use a soft cloth or a soft brush to dust away the loose dirt or debris as soon as it gets on it.

Regular and routine maintenance ensures you wipe it down when it gets on the surface.

If the stain is stubborn, you can use a mild soap solution to wipe it down by using a clean piece of cloth, further wipe it down with a neat and clean cloth and allow it to dry out completely.

Protecting Your Microfiber Leather

The market is filled with many new and innovative cleaning supplies; you can now get the easiest way to clean the microfiber leather by using a special spray explicitly made to protect the leather.

The spray used on the microfiber leather is a barrier to stop the stains from penetrating the material.

For the extensive safety of your leather product, you must keep it away from direct sunlight for long hours. Heat or light can cause fading of the leather, and it can also cause damage to the product.

One more important thing to remember is to keep sharp objects away from the surface of microfiber leather, which can puncture the object.

Special Cleaning Techniques

Products made from microfiber leather tend to get marks from routine use. It gets stains and stubborn marks with regular use. If there is an ink stain on the product, you may use rubbing alcohol with a cotton swab to remove the stain gently from the surface.

For any oily stained marks, try sprinkling baking soda on the stain and let it stay on the spot for some time, maybe a few hours, before you brush it away.

For chewing gum lovers, there is always a chance that chewing gum might get stuck on microfiber leather. Using a blunt plastic scraper, you can use a hairdryer on a low heat setting to quickly soften the gum and gently scrape it away.

Deep Cleaning Techniques

Apart from routine cleaning, deep cleaning your product is always advisable to maintain its quality and luster.

One important option is to steam clean the microfiber leather to help it deeply penetrate to remove dirt and grime.

The other option is using a dry cleaning option in which a dry-cleaning solution is applied to clean the material. Dry cleaning uses no water, which can affect the product’s life.

Tips for Maintaining Microfiber Leather Over Time

Storing and keeping the microfiber leather safe is an important aspect that we must consider to make it a viable purchase. Whether it be a personal use product or a piece of furniture with leather, you need to store them properly if they are not in routine use.

In the case of bags try to store them in a dust bag away from sunlight. Wallets and belts made of microfiber leather should also be kept away in the same way.

You can hire the services of professional leather cleaners who can ensure the products are cleaned and maintained correctly to make them last for a longer time. Considering this step, you can enjoy your leather product for many years.

DIY Cleaning Solutions for Microfiber Leather

Some people eagerly wait for some DIYs in home improvements. The same is the case with leather cleaning. If you want to clean and make the solution to clean at home, you get a few handy options for cleaning it.

One such solution is vinegar and water, which can prevent odors and stains. The second option is making the most widely used domestic substance, ‘baking soda and water solution,’ to help remove tougher stains and dirt.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Microfiber Leather

One common mistake people often make while cleaning leather is using harsh chemicals to fade away the stains. Another thing that people unknowingly do s by scrubbing it too hard and for too long, which can cause damage or discoloration even the product.

You must use soft and circular motions to clean the spot, and there should not be any harsh chemicals involved in the cleaning. Avoid any abrasive and sharp materials to clean the microfiber leather.


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