Differences Between Baby Pillows and Adult Pillows


As your child grows, it will reach a time when they will need a pillow. Everyone needs to observe sleep hygiene, but toddlers must get quality and comfortable sleep since their bodies are still growing quickly. Additionally, if your baby sleeps well at night, you will too. Though you may have researched the ideal bed and frame, getting the right baby pillows should also be your priority.

Infant pillows are designed to offer your toddler comfort while sleeping. Baby pillows are recommended for children over one and a half years. At this age, babies are ready for additional head support, and there are reduced choking hazards. Although infants are at a higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome and suffocation, toddlers can also be vulnerable if they use improper pillows.

Therefore, when choosing a pillow for your child, you need to consider the safety requirements. The article has outlined some differences between baby pillows and adult pillows and explained why you should not give your toddler a regular pillow.

Differences Between Baby Pillows and Adult Pillows

If you have not heard about baby pillows, you must be wondering why you cannot give your child a standard pillow. Adult pillows differ from baby pillows; that is why experts advise against getting your child a normal pillow. Children rely on pillows from the first baby pillow to the adult pillow to help them relax and get comfortable at night.

However, children and grown-ups have different proportions. You may assume that transitioning from a crib with no pillow to a bed with a regular pillow is easy, but it is not. You need to be careful about the pillow you give your child since adult pillows can cause neck, shoulders, and head misalignment resulting in poor posture and poor sleep as they grow.

1. Size

While kid’s pillows are about 13 by 18 inches, standard adult pillows are 20 by 26 inches. Toddler pillows are designed to fit the smaller specifications of a child’s body and head, while regular pillows are designed for grown-ups with larger proportions. Thus, adult pillows are too large for baby use and may not provide the needed comfort.

2. Material

In addition, normal pillows may have unsafe materials which may be harmful to your toddler. Materials for making baby pillows are carefully chosen to ensure they match with safety considerations for kids.

3. Firmness Level

A normal pillow is designed with the firmness level needed to support an adult’s head and neck.  Toddlers have a vulnerable head and neck, and they do not have the same proportions as adults; therefore, regular pillows may strain their body and neck. A continuous strain on your child’s body may cause sleepless nights. On the other hand, infant pillows will have the right firmness level to provide adequate support to your child’s developing body. The pillows will be proportionate with their bodies, and they will keep their spines aligned and regulate their breathing during sleep.


Pillows may seem like harmless things that can only make your toddler comfortable during sleep, but you should be careful about them. It is best to introduce your kid to the pillow when there are no risks. What’s more, ensure you get a suitable infant pillow to create a healthy sleep environment


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