Is a Pressure Washer Affected by Hose Length


You have probably seen them or have one yourself. A large, seemingly endless cable that connects your new pressure washer to the pump. This is the pressure washer hose. These hoses can be upwards of 100 feet long and hundreds of pounds in weight!

People may wonder how this hose affects their pressure washing performance. Well, it can affect several things. When shopping for a hose, you will need to consider certain factors that can either help or hurt your pressure washing experience.

To understand how the hose affects performance, you must first understand why there is a hose. Hoses are used to carry water from one point to another. In this case, the hose has high-pressure water from the pump to your pressure washer.

What Affects the Performance of a Hose?

Now that you understand how a hose works and why it is used, check out what affects the performance of a hose:

1.) PSI (pounds per square inch) – One of the most critical factors in determining hose performance is PSI, or pounds per square inch. PSI is the amount of pressure that your hose can stand before it bursts. The higher the PSI, the more you can clean with less water! Hoses are rated by burst pressure or how much weight they can stand before bursting. You will need to look for a hose with close to the same amount of PSI as your pressure washer has.

2.) GPM (gallons per minute) – Another critical factor to consider is how much water the hose can carry at one time. This is known as GPM, or gallons per minute. The higher the GPM, the more water you will use!

3.) Hose size – Some hoses are made for heavy-duty use, while others are made with light use in mind. You will need to buy a hose that can handle the jobs you plan to put it through. If your hose cannot manage what you want to do with it, it isn’t worth buying!

4.) Weight – Depending on the length of hose you are shopping for, weight can become an issue. Longer hoses are usually much heavier duty, but they are also more challenging to manage due to their size and weight. You will need to think about how long your hose will be over 50 feet. If it’s a lighter duty, then you may only want to look for something up to 50 feet. If you are shopping for a heavy-duty hose, make sure it is closer to 100 feet or less.

5.) Flexibility – Your hose must be flexible; otherwise, it will kink and become unusable! If you plan to use your hose for many years, you will need to get a more flexible one. One with higher quality construction is usually more flexible than others.

Does Size Matter?

When you’re shopping for a new pressure washer, one of the decisions you’ll have to make is what length of hose to buy. But does hose length make a difference in performance?

The answer is yes – hose length does affect performance. The longer the hose, the more water pressure you’ll lose as it travels from the washer to the surface being cleaned. So if you’re looking for optimum performance, choose a hose that’s as short as possible.

It is crucial to keep in mind that a shorter hose might be more difficult to use. If you have a large area to clean, you’ll need a longer hose to reach all the way across. So it’s important to think about what you’ll be using your new pressure washer for before making your decision.

Invest in the Best All in One Hose for Ultimate Power

If you’re looking for the best possible performance from your pressure washer, consider investing in an all-in-one horse. This unit combines a pump, motor, and engine into one compact package, delivering more power and better performance than traditional pressure washers. Giraffe Tools offers a wide selection of all-in-one horses, so be sure to check them out before making your purchase.

It’s time to shop for the best pressure washer hose for your unique needs. If you want a one-stop-shop for high-quality hoses, check out Giraffetools collection for the best deals.


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