How To Tighten Loose Lug Nuts?


Have you ever come across a situation where your tire goes flat and there is no one to change it except you? In such a situation, the initial step is to lose the lug nuts and then tighten them after changing the tire. Or you are replacing your old lug nuts with OSIAS 60mm lug nuts m12x1.5 and now you need to tighten them.

Moreover, sometimes we feel like something is wrong with our vehicle but are unable to figure it out. Most probably it’s because of the loose lug nut that is disturbing the whole working of the vehicle. Today, we are here with a familiar topic and that is about the lug nuts of wheel, the causes of their looseness, and the steps to tighten them.

What Happens If Lug Nut Is Not Tighten

If a lug nut is not tightened then there is a great chance that it falls out and the other nuts will also fall out because of additional strain. As a result, once all the nuts go off then the wheel will also loose. It not only harms you but will crash the car and the people around you will be injured heavily. Hence, if you think that even one of the nuts is loose then tighten it immediately.

Steps To Tighten Loose Lug Nut

When we tighten the lug nut in the wrong way then there is a great chance that they get loose very easily in no time. Given steps are required to tighten a loose lug nut immediately:

  • First of all, we have to take a wire brush and then clean the lug nut threads and wheel studs. Wait for them to dry completely.
  • After this, again take a wire brush and now clean the wheel, center hole, and hub faces. Now, wait until they also dry completely.
  • Take an anti-seize lubricant and apply a dab of it in the center whole. Make sure that you don’t apply the lubricant to lug nuts or wheel studs otherwise consequences will be pretty bad.
  • Then use your favorite tool to run the lug nuts in. You have to follow the star pattern to tighten the lug nuts twice. Make sure, you only have to tighten it until the wrench clicks.

Causes Why Lug Nuts Loose

Several causes contribute to making the lug nuts of wheel loose easily. Sometimes when we tighten the lug nut incorrectly then there is a great chance that they become loose after a very short period. Moreover, if the surface was dirty for a long time and we tighten the nut then it will also lose easily.


Lots of people are still unaware of the fact that vehicles can act badly if the lug nuts go loose or tighten in the wrong way. If you are also facing this issue then the above article proves to be a great blessing for you. We have discussed the steps of tightening the loose nut as well as the basic causes that are contributing to making a lug nuts of wheel loose.


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