Different Eyeglass Shapes According To Your Face Shape


What is your face shape option when it comes to choosing eyeglasses? As it turns out, the actual shape of your face can have an impact on what style of glasses look best on you. If you’re looking for something that flatters your face and makes you look good, you need to know what shapes of glasses you should avoid, which styles flatter different face shapes, and how to get the best fit possible on your new pair of glasses. Here’s what you need to know about different face shapes and how they work with certain eyeglass frames.

Why Understanding Your Face Shape is Important for Buying Glasses?

Understanding what shape your face is can be helpful when you’re choosing new eyewear. If you don’t know which face shape category you fall into, put on a soft tape measure and check out your dimensions at home. Once you know whether you have an oval, heart-shaped, round or square face, it will be much easier to find fashionable glasses that complement your unique features and buy glass online cheap options.

Different Eyeglass Shapes According To Your Face Shape

Round Faces

Do you have a round face? If so, glasses will help elongate your features and add structure. Try not to go too thin on the sides, which could make your head appear larger than it is; instead, select frames that are wider in size. You may also want to opt for more angular temple pieces, as these can help create an illusion of height.

Square Faces

If you have a square face, you are fortunate because it’s generally regarded as one of nature’s perfect facial structures. But, if your face is a little too square for your liking, round it out with big frames and wide temples. This will soften up those sharp angles. Women who have a square face should wear rounded cat-eye frames or large squares in tortoise shell frames or gold metal frames in order to balance their features and make them appear more feminine.

Oval Faces

The largest of all face shapes, oval faces feature a forehead that is slightly wider than a chin, along with other facial features that are similar in size. Because there’s little contrast between cheekbones and jowls, oval faces can benefit from large glasses frames. This shape works well with just about any frame style because there isn’t much room for error—it can be easy to go overboard with accessories like thick rims or colored lenses.

Heart-Shaped Faces

The heart-shaped face is similar to a round face, but with a longer chin. A heart-shaped face will tend to suit oval glasses that help bring out your eyes and soften your features; these will often be angular at either end. Heart-shaped faces also look good in round glasses that slim down your chin, emphasize your eyes and enhance your feminine features. However, avoid full frames or plastic frames if you have a heart-shaped face as they can make you look boxy.


We may not be able to change our facial structure, but we can choose glasses that make it look as attractive as possible. When choosing your eyewear, you should consider your face shape and whether or not they suit it. For example, with an oval face, smaller frames would look better than larger ones. Hope this helps!


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