How to Brighten Your Room with DIY Sweater Covered Light Shade


Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color to your living room or simply want to add some privacy to your windows, light shades are a great way to do it. But with so many different options on the market, it can be hard to know where to start.

There are tons of light shade suppliers with different styles, sizes, and shapes. However, if you’re looking to make a beauty out of an old light shade and searching for simple ideas, check out this old sweater design.

Sweater covered light shade

This is pretty easy to make. You’ll need an old sweater and some tools and you’re well on your way. To allow for better light penetration, a white-colored sweater is ideal. Choose a sweater with a beautiful design as it’ll be reflected from the light shade.

Materials needed

  • Old light shade
  • Small to medium-sized, old sweater
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Design directions

  • Take the small or medium-sized sweater and pull it over the light shade. Preferably, sit the light shade right side up and pull the sweater down towards the shade’s bottom.
  • The sleeves and neckline would hang freely on the top part of the light shade. Use the scissors to trim off the sleeves and neckline. It’s best to save them to use in another DIY project.
  • By now, you should have two open ends of the sweater. If the bottom of the sweater has a tight fit, you can choose to leave it or cut it off.
  • Tuck both ends into the insides of the light shade.
  • Trim off excess material. You’ll need about half to one inch of the material to be folded and tucked to the inside of the shade.
  • Prepare your hot glue and apply generously on the half or one inch excess material and press firmly on the inside of the light shade.
  • Use the scissors to make final trims so the lining looks even. You should have your white sweater sitting firmly around the light shade.

When you’re done, take a good look at your craft and turn on the light shade. You can choose to cover up other decorative items with the remaining sweater pieces or let the light shade stand alone.

White goes well with many backgrounds, so it’s best to choose a white sweater if you’re certain it’ll complement the interior décor.

You can opt to use different sweater colors to match the background. However, ensure the chosen color doesn’t not reduce the lighting abilities of the light shade. Lastly, you can apply this styling method to any type of clothing material. What’s most important is that the chosen material does not restrict light and it complements the space interior décor.


It’s pretty easy to buy a new light stand from a local shop or off the internet. However, if you are up for some good DIY activity, you can actually upgrade an old light shade with creative ideas. The post highlights one of these ideas by using an old sweater to cover the light shade. You wouldn’t need much tools and experience. All that’s needed is the time and desire to revamp your old light shade.


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