How to Maintain Your Speediance Gym Equipment in Superior Quality


If you are looking to buy a gym equipment, then you need to be aware of the maintenance and care that is required. It is true that if you have a good quality gym equipment, it can last for years without any problem. But at the same time, if you do not maintain it properly then it will become useless within a few months.

So, despite the great quality, unless you take perfect care of your Speediance smart workout equipment, then it can break down quickly and become unusable.

Here’s what to do:

Regular Cleaning

The biggest thing that will affect the longevity of your equipment is regular cleaning. If you want to keep your machines working well, then you need to keep them clean at all times. This means washing down all the parts of the machine regularly and making sure there isn’t any dust or dirt stuck in any of the moving parts or electrical components. Keeping everything clean will make sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently and prolongs the life of your machine as well! It is best to brush off any dust before using your machine as this will prevent dust from being spread around when exercising as well as keeping it looking nice and clean!

Disinfect Your Gym Equipment

At least every two weeks, you should disinfect your gym equipment with an all-purpose disinfectant spray. This will help prevent the spread of germs between users and ensure that your equipment remains hygienic. A good disinfectant should contain quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) as well as other antiseptics such as triclosan or chlorhexidine gluconate. Use a QAC spray on any part of the machine that comes into contact with skin such as handles or pedals; use a triclosan-containing liquid for all other areas including metal parts. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using your chosen product.

Inspection Checklist

Before using any piece of fitness equipment, it’s important to inspect it first. Make sure all moving parts are working properly and that there aren’t any cracks or tears in the vinyl or rubber grips. You should also check for rust on metal parts like pulleys and weight plates. You can even use an electronic testing device to see if there are any electrical problems with your machine.

Keep Track of Your Warranty

You may have a warranty on your gym equipment that protects you from any manufacturer defects. Keep track of the date you purchased your equipment, the model number and serial number so that you can contact the manufacturer if there is an issue with it.

Use Proper Lubrication for Moving Parts

Lubrication is important for keeping all moving parts working properly on your gym equipment. Make sure that all moving parts are lubricated before using them, especially if they are new or have been recently repaired. Most manufacturers will include instructions on how to lubricate their equipment with proper lubricants at the time of purchase or repair. Follow these instructions carefully so that you do not damage any part of your machine by using improper lubricants.


Easy said than done! So many people who constantly up keep their equipment and facilities also know that it is a lot harder than it looks. That is why Speediance, from the onset of the business, has put a focus on having experts at your fingertips not only to help you succeed with your gym equipment but to increase your overall satisfaction. You will be guided appropriately on how to take care of your gym equipment, so you can focus on getting the results your members expect and to keep using your gym for many years to come.


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