Things To Do When Bored Online

Things To Do When Bored Online

Roaming on the internet, playing games, and still feeling bored? Well, you can do somethings that might work for your best. You will find several ideas on things to do when bored online below; let’s check them out what Things To Do When Bored Online!

list of Things To Do When Bored Online:

Organize Your Room

It’s crucial to have a clean space since we’re gonna be spending so much more time on it. You can do some coloring. It sounds childish, but I find that it can actually be really relaxing. Especially if I put some nice music on. While doing it, you can do a face mask. You might as well take extra care of your skin during self-quarantine, so the next time people see you, your skin will look amazing.

Free Up Some Laptop Storage

I use a sweeper tool app to get a better breakdown of what’s taking up so much storage you can clean your phone camera roll. It’s what takes up the most space on my phone. I have so many screenshots and pictures that I won’t use anymore, so go through and delete those and open up some space. You can also delete apps that you don’t use anymore and organize the folders.

Clean Your Laptop Screen or Keyboard

Obviously, you can take the keys off and clean it a little bit more thoroughly, but this is the way that I decided to do it for now.

Organize Your Makeup Items & Desktop

Get rid of any expired items and clean your makeup brushes and eyelash curler. The next thing you can do is organize your desktop and maybe get a new wallpaper for it.

Make New Pinterest Boards or Add to Them

I picked an idea for my bullet journal and one for my room because I want to redo some things with it soon and then one with some fashion inspiration.

Learn How to Draw Something/ Read a Book

There are tons of tutorials on YouTube. Same, you can read a good book. I know most libraries are closed right now, so maybe you can reread something that you haven’t read in a while or order a new book online.

Have a Photo Shoot

You might have a little photo shoot and have some nice Instagram content to post like this- Wow, maybe she’s born with it, perhaps it’s Maybelle.

Start Meditating

I really like to stop headspace for this. It has many different types of meditation and different lengths according to whatever you want to do.

Declutter Your Drawers

I often shove random stuff in them, and then I don’t deal with it. If you’ve had any loose papers in your drawers or around the house, recycle the ones you don’t need anymore and create a filing system for the rest.

Do Online Shopping

Most of the time, I don’t buy anything, but just putting things in my shopping cart can be kind of entertaining.

Sort out Your Finances

Get your taxes to do some budgeting. Go along with this, try to gain some financial literacy. Learn about investment credit scores, retirement funds, etc.

Clean Your Email Inbox

Unsubscribe from those annoying email lists that keep sending you things, and then you never open them, and then you have a bunch of unread emails. You know what I’m talking about.

Here are some more ideas on things to do when bored online

  • You Can Bake Something
  • Find Some New Music or Make New Playlists
  • Play Board Games or Cards with Your Family
  • Talk on a Video Call with Friends or Family
  • Do a Closet Clean-Out Donate
  • Learn Some New Dance Moves
  • Try New Hairstyles
  • Film a YouTube Video
  • Learn Some Basic Sign Language

I have shared some of the exciting things to do when bored online, try them all, or a few ideas you like. You will feel better after that!



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